Looking For Ideas Folks……

Well, the last couple of posts regarding the Lawrence O’Donnell piece have really sparked some discussion, with almost 1,500 hits – by far the largest number of hits any posts at this quiet little blog has gotten. But I think we’ve pretty well run that sucker dry, with those “opposed” to my take just repeating the same old spin, spin that didn’t stick real well the first time around, and certainly isn’t sticking after it’s been brought up for a 10th time. But all in all I think we had some real good discussion on both sides of this issue, and that is after all what I hope to achieve here, some honest discussion that is almost impossible to find elsewhere. Unlike the cowards, we actually welcome all viewpoints here.

And now dear readers, I’d like to through the planet into your court. I have a couple of ideas of discussions I wouldn’t mind having, but lets see if there is any lingering discussion out there that you want to have. Any ideas? And remember, I’m looking for honest discussions and an opportunity to throw around some ideas here, not just a vehicle to bash one side or the other. So, any ideas dear reader?


3 Responses

  1. Hey Bob, I know you don’t like to talk about the hounds or your stalker, but I have a couple of questions. Did you catch the counts “question for the count” post regarding the sam sewell controversary over at the newshound site. He ends with “His trolling style is eerily similar to one Bob Peters even down to the fake threats, embellishments of his life accomplishments, his threats of law suits, and the fact he is originally from Iowa.” Oh please man, you’ve got to tell me the storry behind that one. Threats? I love it, tell me more.

    And have you been following the Sewell thread over at Neshounds? If not, you’ve got to check it out. It includes your favorite hound Aria and she is in full on bat-shit-crazy-bitch mode.I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Thanks, and I’ll talk to you soon – Craig

  2. Just went and checked that out Craig. I try not to spend any time over at the BAD site – just a bunch of Jr. High drivel. As for the counts latest comments about me – what is this, the 30 or 40th time he’s commented about me since making his blog a “Peters Free Zone” – I have to give him credit, he actually got one of his four accusations right, and 25% is a new record for the count when discussing me. For the record, the one he got right was that I am originally from Iowa. Embellishments? I have no idea what he’s talking about, and the same goes for threats. As for threats of lawsuits, that’s another pile of count-shit. I did once mention that a friend of mine said I should sue him for libel for calling me a white supremacist, but as I pointed out then, in order to sue someone for libel you’d have to prove someone actually reads their scribbling.

    Naw, I know he keeps trying to pull me into his little world of hate, but I have no time for idiots like that, or the losers at the kennel. I figure if you’re in your late thirties and you have anything valuable to contribute to society, you probably shouldn’t still be living with mom and dad.

    I must admit though, this whole Sewell thing that the count was describing sounds interesting, something I need to look into. Normally I try to stay away from that whole “Birther” bullshit, and this Sewell guy sounds like a real character, BUT the “but don’t get into with them on a personal level with emails to friends and that shit.” advice to Aria is very intriguing. Not to mention the sheer irony of telling Aria “These clowns might be dangerous. They are certainly unstable”. Unstable? Shit, if unstable was a country, Aria would be their queen (having recently killed – and probably eaten – the King).

    I’ll check that whole situation out and, if there is anything there, give you my take on it. Hopefully there isn’t anything there, and we can leave those clowns behind and give them the attention they deserve, which is none. BUT, this one might be too bat shit crazy to pass up. Oh, and one more thing, and I know you know this: Don’t use the “B” word here, you know how I feel about that. Look, I know this chick is nuts, and if anyone was ever in the running for having that word apply she would be in the finals, but still, I really dislike that word, even for someone like Aria.

    Now, is there ANYTHING ELSE that we could possibly discuss besides these folks? Please….

  3. Okay, Craig, I finally found the Sewell piece on newshounds that you were talking about. 193 comments, huh? I can only imagine the fun in here. I figured I’d right my response to your question as I read through the responses.

    I have to say, even before reading what I’m sure are going to be very entertaining comments, I’m a little leery about jumping into this discussion because of the whole “Birther” conversation. I’m sure that, should a hound ever care to comment on the comments I’m about to make, they’ll paint me as supporting these birther clowns. Sorry, I don’t buy it. Never have been able to get behind the whole birther theory. So, given that, lets jump into it.

    Okay, blah, blah, blah, we got the normal hound middle school insults…. Oh, this KenyanBornObamAcorn guy’s new (at least to me). I wonder which one of the hounds is pretending to be this nut? Let’s see, doors17 commented “Hawaii has two major newspapers, the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin. BOTH newspapers include birth announcements, and BOTH newspapers record the August 4th, 1961 birth of Barack Obama. Case closed.” What do you know, the first bit of common sense I’ve seen on this site in months. Good for you Doors.

    Moving on… Oh good, “Brockman” found an opportunity to use the “N-Word” (the actual word) twice in the same comment. You know, I’m amazed at how easy it is for these clowns to use that disgusting word. Says a lot for their character. Oh good, here comes the count…. okay, here we have this Sewell guy making his first comment, a lot of mumble-jumble, no real meat here….

    Let’s see, moving on to page nine of the comments. Let’s stop for a second and say I like the old Newshounds better, when the initial comments came first. Much easier than reading backwards on this site. After their sponsor “Brave New Films” ended his relationship with them – proving that even hate-mongers can sometimes be disgusted by the gutter level these clowns play in – they should have maintained the same layout. Anyhow, back to the coverage….

    Let’s see, more Sewell comments, followed by Robert Urban saying, and this is rich, “I would rather have a leader who is understanding, cares more about the country than party politics and making the rich richer and the poor poorer” I wonder if Urban understands the irony of those comments, given that under Obama the rich have actually gotten richer and the poor poorer. …. Oh look, something Sewell is saying I can actually agree on: How Bush warned of the coming housing crisis and the Democrats swept that one under the rug. Good job of covering that MSM. Let’s see, we have the count saying something about Sewell being a member of Mensa, and then wondering “How does a member of Mensa misspell the word big?”. Good point, unless you consider the numerous misspellings in the counts own blogs. Oh here we go, the count compares Sewell to Jesse Duke. I was wondering when the personal attacks would start, although I’m amazed that the count has left a handful of comments and hasn’t yet accused Sewell of being a pedophile, his usual M.O..

    Let’s see, more birther bullshit, and now it seems Sewell has picked up a “B Steadman” to help with his cause…. Oh, there’s the whole “if he was white this wouldn’t even be an issue” comment I was expecting. Using that knowledge, I have to assume the hounds concern with Romney is he’s a Mormon, or maybe they couldn’t get behind Bachmann because they were afraid of a women in the white house. Surely it couldn’t be a disagreement with policies… Hey Craig, when does Aria come into this movie? We’re already in the second act, and it’s getting pretty boring…. Ah wait, here comes Visitor55 with “..the stupid birfers here are only repeating the lies that their masters have told them.” Birfers? I guess the count missed that one. And Visitor is right, the “birfers” shouldn’t be repeating lies their masters told them. Repeating lies their masters told them is the hounds job.

    Let’s see, blah, blah, blah…. more meaningless crap from Sewell… blah, blah, blah… Oh, this is interesting from Janet Tuhey: “These birthers and other conspiracy nuts obviously have no lives whatsoever. They spend all that free time searching the web for verifying blogs and websites, then feel compelled to innundate (sp?) we “non-believers” (i.e. people with functioning brains) with their amazing discoveries of THE TRUTH!!” I wonder if she realizes she just described 95% of the hounds?

    I gotta tell ya Craig, so far I haven’t found anything too interesting in this article. Just a lot of real stupid comments pushing asinine claims. In other words, business as usual at the Kennel…. let’s see, we have Yakki saying “I’m done with this cesspool of ignorant birther troll-blather”, which I’m guessing means we’ll see a lot more from him (her?).

    Let’s see, Sewell just gave his credentials and added Just Google “Sam Sewell Mensa”. That can’t be good. Excuse me while I take a side trip to check this out…. Okay, it seems Sewell is a pastor AND a veteran – two more reasons for the hounds to hate him. I have a feeling the insults are going to start being doubled-down. Oh, and he serves as a “gifted child coordinator” for Mensa. Sorry Sam, but you just opened the door for the count to accuse you of being a pedophile….

    Back to the article… Oh, oh, it seems Same went to the Iowa State Teachers College, which is now University of Northern Iowa, MY Alma mater. Look for the hounds to start accusing me of being Sam…. Oops, it seems like Sam stated someone just tried to hack his Mensa account…. that means Aria’s appearance in this play is coming soon… Oh look, Visitor55 just referred to Sam as “Sam Sewer”. I was waiting for that to pop up… I tell you, the wit on these hounds… Oscar Wilde, watch your back…

    Well this is interesting. Sewell posted “I simply cut and pasted pre composed factoids. In no case were those facts refuted. The responses were mostly ridicule and personal attack. Your comments reek of ridicule. Ridicule is one of the lower forms of logical fallacy and would disqualify you for a grade school debate team.” Oh Sam, didn’t you know going in that you were dealing with a Junior High debate team, or rather the folks who couldn’t make it on that team. Look Sewell, I don’t buy any of your “Obama is not qualified to be president” crap, but as for presenting facts to the hounds, that’s a waste of time. The only “facts” they consider are the ones that fit into their world view.

    TA DA, and Miss Prescott makes an entrance… and as usual, she’s starting with personal attacks, rather than attacking the man’s evidence, which should be pretty easy to do….. Oh boy, did I call it or what? Right behind Aria comes the count with – you guessed it – a reference to pedophilia. Thank you count for not letting me down. And then he comes back with “Yes! I can spell three letter words as well.” It’s just the four and five letter words (and above) the count has issues with.

    Let’s give credit to Domenica. Sure, she’s had her share of childish insults, BUT she seems to be the only one willing (or able) to take a shot at Sewell’s “Logic”. …. Oh, Yakki’s Back (did I call that one or what?)…. Oh Bingo, I am like 5 for 5, Aria just accused me of possibly being Sewell AND, in true Aria form, even lied to make that connection. She writes: “…the person who pointed this guy out to me pointed out that our old “friend” from Iowa constantly claimed we were a “study” for him on his pre-2.0 blog entries… as well as a few times on therads where he lost the debate repeatedly. Or was questioned on whatever claim about himself he changed the subject to.” Sorry Aria, but A) I’m not Sewell, B) I never once claimed that the newshounds were a “study” for me (although I may have once or twice claimed that you yourself would make an interesting psychological study), and sorry, but you’re choosing to lie about numerous things and then refuse to back them up is far from losing a debate. As for your last sentence there, I have no idea what that even means.

    Let’s see, it seems Sewell has responded with links to shoot down Aria’s claims. Oh Sam, when will you learn that facts and logic only confuse the poor girl…

    Oh man, here we have some MORE classic Aria: “Once again, I have to use my break to point out that, for someone who claims to be an open book, Sewell sure is ducking the question.” Um, sorry Aria, but you don’t HAVE to respond to Sewell, you are choosing to respond to him. Remember, just because the voices in your head tell you to do something doesn’t mean you have to. And she responds with “…just because I was pissed about having to lose my break to reply to you…” Again, she’s pissed off about something that she, and only she CHOOSE to do.

    Oh WOW, now Aria is contacting members of Mensa to get information about this guy. Jesus, can you say Obsessive? Again people, either ignore the fool (I would) or debate his arguments. It shouldn’t be that hard, Domenica did a pretty good shot of it. But spending hours tracking down acquaintances. Now Craig do you understand why I don’t bother with these folks anymore.

    Oh, and what is THIS little Gem from Aria: “And you haven’t earned the right to know my real name.” Apparently one of the “others” has taken over for Aria….. Oops, Yakki has gone from “I’m through with this” to “I may have to do some digging now”. .. How much you wanna bet this goes nowhere?

    Apparently Aria’s threat to contact Sam’s colleagues fizzled, so now Sam himself has given Aria the information needed to contact them. Not a good sign for Aria, who will just lie about her findings anyhow… so much easier than REAL research…

    Well I’ll be damned, Aria actually did some real research. Good for her, she let the ravings of a nut eat up hours and hours of her free time, in true hound fashion. Sure, not exactly “Woodward and Bernstein” stuff, but how much shit did she have to dig through to find these little nuggets? And again, she is not going after someone who threatened her, she is not going after someone who is attacking her life’s work. She is going after someone who supports something she doesn’t.

    Oh good, KenyanBornOmabAcorn is back, because that’s what this thread needs, more nut cases…. okay, Aria seems to have caught Sewell in some kinda lie about “liking” Marijuana on Facebook. Not huge, not damning, but something….. Okay, Sam’s back and explained the “like” was actually a link from another friends page. Not sure if I buy it, but at the same time I’m not going to spend my free time pursuing it. You’d have to be a nut to…. oops, sorry Aria….

    Hey now, this just took an ugly turn. It seems Yakki has posted Sewell’s address. Why would he do this, so that the readers can send him cards and flowers? I doubt it, I think Yakki has something a little more sinister in mind. Isn’t this the EXACT kind of behavior that the hounds accused O’Reilly of with regards to Dr. Tiller? I can only guess that Yakki is hoping for a similar conclusion. Jesus, and now Yakki has thrown in info on Sewell’s wife? I may have to apologize to Aria for calling her the most unhinged obsessive on the site… she seems to have competition…

    Jesus, now Yakki is obsessing over whether or not Sewell’s wife has “always” had long hair or not. It’s official, Aria slips to number two….

    Aw shit, Sewell just suggested Aria get psychiatric help. Damn it, now she’s going to think it’s me again, although in all fairness, I have a feeling that most people who meet Aria think she needs to get psychiatric help. Oh, and it looks like Sewell’s colleague DID reply to Aria, and she choose not to pass the info along…. Don’t worry Sam, Aria’s really good at burying the shit that proves how wrong she is…. Oh, and as a final parting shot from Yakki we get a slam at Sewell because of his AGE. Real classy: “It’s ok. We get it. You’re 71. Life is almost over. The world doesn’t give a fuck about you anymore, and there’s nothing you can do about it….” Let’s see, how old is Pelosi? Why she’s 71. And Reid? He’s 72. Huh, Yakki may be on to something here…

    And in the end dear Craig it was much ado about nothing. It confirmed what we already knew, that Aria is an obsessive nut case, and that the count continues to be fascinated by pedophilia, although it did expose just how unhinged and dangerous Yakki is, as well as the fact that Ellen herself allowed him to use “Tiller Tactics” against someone she disagrees with, taking away whatever credibility she had left. And, it also wasted an hour of my life, but that’s my own damn fault. Now, can we step out of the cesspool and have some real discussions? I hope so.

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