It’s 2012, And I Ain’t Got Time To Hate…….

I’m not big on New Years resolutions, never have been. Not that I don’t think that we shouldn’t resolve to better ourselves, I think that it’s probably something we should do everyday…. it’s just that picking an arbitrary date to wait to start that improvement also seemed odd to me. I doubt most people wake up on January 1st and realize that they should quit smoking or lose weight. If you know you have an unhealthy habit – and you sincerely want to address it – then do something about it, whether it is January 1st, March 15th or July 14th.

Well, MY resolution is two-fold: First, I would like to start blogging again. It’s been about five months since I last blogged, and only a handful of posts in the last year or so. I’m not going to commit to a certain number of posts, I’d hope to do at least one a week, but if it’s less, it’s less.

More importantly, I’ve got to stay away from the haters. While my initial foray into blogging was a terrific experience dealing with a unique and varied number of individuals, with unique and varied opinions, the last year or two has been more like… well, I can’t even say. It’s been single-sided discussions with people incapable of discussion, and a very sad and creepy stalker experience with a real winner from Omaha.

The main group of folks I’ve dealt with have spiraled into a cesspool of hate that I thought impossible even for these narrow-mind. I mean, this is a group of folks that hate, and I mean HATE Fox News. Okay, I can understand that, I could care less for Fox News. But think about this: Is there an organization or individual that you real think sucks? If you’re a conservative, is that “target” MSNBC, Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz or Media Matters? And if you’re liberal, that target could be Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, or, yes, Fox News. Now, imagine spending hours a day, day after day, listening watching or reading the very people who bug the hell out of you, and then spending more hours in your day writing about it. Takes a special kind of black soul to immerse yourself in something that makes you so miserable.

But then we are not talking about happy people here, are we? Today I went to a website I haven’t visited in a few months, and was both disturbed and amazed by what I found. This is the stalker I was talking about earlier, a contributor to the previous site I was discussing. I made the mistake of actually commenting on a couple of his posts. Big mistake. Outside of the childish insults and outright lies, which I’ve come to expect, this one has developed on odd obsession. Despite the fact that I haven’t visited his site in four or five months, I’ve come to find out that he is leaving comments on his own posts from me. That’s right, he is posing as me on his own posts.

These are the people to leave behind. And quickly.

So let’s see if we can have some fun in 2012, get some good discussions going, and leave the Psychos back in 2011.


2 Responses

  1. Hey Bob, good to see you blogging again. I know exactly what you mean, that’s why I stopped reading Newshounds months ago. Sad really, they were kind of fun at one time, but anyone that had any level of common sense or humanity left that site years ago. I’m surprised the SPLC hasn’t designated them as a hate group yet. What a bunch of losers.

    But hey, it’ your own fault for having anything to do with that nut job “The Count”. It’s been well known for years to never comment on anything he says if you don’t want to to have him lock in on you and obsess. You don’t know how right you are with calling him a stalker.

    Look forward to talking to you soon.

  2. Craig, good to hear from you. It’s been too long. I hope to hear from you often, and please say high to Julie for me.

    I was surprised that I got a response so soon, considering that I haven’t written anything in 5 months, but I forgot that you were one of my subscribers. Even more surprising was when I checked this afternoon there had been eighteen hits. Eighteen? Why would an otherwise dormant blog that maybe has averaged 4 to 5 hits a day the last few months (and why even that many) suddenly get 18?

    And then it hit me. It had to be my stalker. And sure enough, it was Stephen. A quick read at his site confirmed that in all likelihood Stephen (the count) was probably at least one of those daily hits, and probably a dozen of today’s hits. And in true count form, he has once again somehow completely mixed me up with someone else. But hey, with that many voices in your head all speaking at one time, it’s kinda hard to keep the information straight.

    So Craig, I’m going to put you on hold for one second and address Stephen directly, since in all likelihood he’ll be on these comments well before you are.

    Count, I would like to ask a favor of you. Even though I’m trying to leave the loons behind, would you please… PLEASE .. continue to post about me? I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the sheer volume of fail in each and every one of your posts. I mean let’s look at today’s comment:

    “I should have guess by the fact that the post goes on forever and has no point but anon music producer (see below) is in fact. Bob Peters. I wonder why he didn’t post as unemployed book store manager. It’s so nice he took time out of his busy schedule building houses in Mexico to become a “hip-hop” music producer. And BTW who the fuck is this Craig I am supposedly stalking?”

    How many mistakes can we possibly find in this one paragraph? First, I am supposedly an anonymous hip-hop music producer. Sadly, I am not. Stevie here is referring to some rambling comment he posted earlier. Of course he never said where the comment came from, or why he was posting (probably voice number 7 told him to), but a quick Google search of the first line revealed it to be a comment left at the newshounds, the other cesspool of hate, a few days earlier.

    So what about this comment made Stephen think it was me? Honestly, I have no idea other than the fact that A) Stephen doesn’t like me, B) Stephen disagreed with this person’s writing, so obviously this person is me. Yes folks, that’s the kind of “logic” you deal with when you deal with the count.

    Moving on. “I wonder why he didn’t post as unemployed book store manager.”. Gee, I don’t know Stephen, maybe because I’m NOT an unemployed bookstore manager, nor have I ever been. The Count is stuck on the fact that I managed the Borders in West Des Moines, and probably that I was responsible for the demise of the company. Yes, I did work for Borders years earlier in California, but never in Iowa.

    Which leads me to this challenge (and Stephen, you better take a screen shot of this incase I delete this post later): Stephen, if you can prove that I either A) Wrote that comment at the news hounds claiming to be a hip-hop producer, or B) was ever employed by Borders in Iowa – or for that matter ever outside the state of California, I will give you $10,000 in cash. Period, no other stipulations apply. Again, I need proof, not Aria backing you up.

    The “took time out of his busy schedule building houses in Mexico” comment comes from a comment I once made referencing the fact that I went with my church youth group in high school to help build houses in Mexico during spring break. Something I did 35 years ago, and the count thinks this was a career.

    And finally we get back to you dear Craig. He finishes with “…And BTW who the fuck is this Craig I am supposedly stalking?” He even got that wrong. No dear Stephen, you are not stalking Craig, you are stalking me (and doing a piss poor job at it), as is apparent by the fact that “stumbled upon” the first post commenting on you in half a year within a few hours of its posting. Hell, that’s even creepy by Newshound standards.

    So you see even further evidence Craig of the pure hate I’ve had to deal with. And while I could take the time to address their false claims, why bother. These people have no shame and have no problem lying to your face, which is why I stopped bothering with these folks months ago. And oh what a happy time it has been.

    You see Craig, I’m not sure if you were around for this discussion a while back, but the real reason that I stopped even trying to have a conversation with the count was that I found out that at 37 years old he still lives at home with his mom & dad. Add into the mix that he calls his mom “The Countess”, and that’s just too damn creepy for anyone.

    So Craig, I look forward to talking to you again soon, and Stephen, you’ve got $10,000 to earn. I will give you one hint though, I wouldn’t waste too much time looking for that proof, since it doesn’t exist. I’d hate to take away any time from your evening foot rubs with the countess.

    But if you do want to make one more bet, let me offer you one (I made the same offer to Aria and she ran away from it, which is what I would expect you will do as well). Remember several months ago when you made your website a “Non-Peters” site, never to speak of me again (yeah, how’s that working out for you)? How about we propose I make this a site never to speak of you again, you make your site one never to speak of me again, and the first person to do so leaves blogging forever?

    Got the balls? All you need do is leave a comment accepting the challenge, and the bet starts right then?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so…….

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