Oops…. I Did It Again….

Albert Einstein once said “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Ladies and gentlemen, I am insane.

Several months ago I decided to quite dealing with the folks over at newshounds.us.. If you’ve read this blog at all over the last several months, you know the background. If not, well it doesn’t really matter. Several months ago I decided that after months of trying to find some shred of common sense in dealing with these folks, and not finding it, I decided to stop hitting my head against the wall, and move on.

Why did I even let it go as far as it did? I don’t know, I guess I like a challenge, and I really believe that there has to be some sense of right and wrong, some sense of… I don’t know, desire for knowledge, truth, fairness? Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that the stands the hounds took were always wrong. On the contrary, several of them I agreed with 100%.

You see, the “mission” Of the hounds is to hold Fox news accountable, and expose them when they are wrong. Well, at least that’s what they say they stand for. The truth is, they’re going to disagree with anything anyone on Fox – or on the right, for that matter – says or does.

And I’m not saying that there aren’t plenty on the right who do the exact same thing regarding the left, because there certainly are. I think what interested me about the hounds wasn’t there views – like I said, there are plenty of pig-headed ideologues out there on both sides of the fence. No, it was more their tactics. Look, anytime you get a group of folks arguing about politics, especially in the somewhat anonymous nature of the internet, it soon snowballs into childish insults and name calling. That’s nothing new.

But with the hounds, it doesn’t snowball….. it starts there. And hey, sometimes the target deserved it. I’m sure that on several occasions, especially towards near the end of my dealings with these folks, I deserved it. But I was used to dealing with more mature folks before I stumbled on the hounds. I was used to discussions where one person said “I really think that (whatever issue) is blah, blah, blah…”, and the next person would come in with “No, I disagree. what you’re missing is the fact that….”, and then the other person would come back with their rebuttal, and so on. Sometime the arguments got heated, sometimes they got nasty, but usually the two parties either came a little closer to understanding each other, or at least “agreed to disagree”.

But at houndland, anyone expressing disagreement was immediately met with “listen asshole…” or some similar attack, regardless of whether they had a valid point or not. Truthfully, from the beginning I realized what a waste of time these folks were, but at the same time I was intrigued. My goal in trying to open debate is not that in the end I’m going to convert everyone to my point of view, but rather to discover what leads to their point of view, and see if there maybe isn’t an angle I’m missing.

So like I said, I was banging my head on the wall and decided that any real debate was never going to happen, so I moved on. And then something big (well, maybe not that big) happened: Weinergate. You see, Rep. Weiner is kinda a folk hero to these folks, and given how gleefully they attack any right-winger caught in a sex scandal, I was curious of their take on Weiner. Of course I could have saved the time. Hell, I could have written the scenario myself: Deny he did it, in fact he was set up (probably by Fox), and once he confessed ignore the earlier claims he was innocent, and move onto the “it’s nobody’s business but his own” meme.

And that turned into my (stupidly) commenting on a couple of other things, and we’re back where we were before. But then something amazing, and at the same time wonderful happened: Stephen Lengyel, aka Count Istvan posted another of his little hit pieces on me, along with his signature “get every fact wrong and throw in more lies” M.O. If you’ve read the earlier pieces, you know the “lies” moved from childish to libelous, and I couldn’t ignore him.

Of course I gave him just what he wanted, attention. My own damn fault. And after asking him to provide just one shred of evidence to back up his claims, he went silent. Well, not before bringing in the newshounds resident nut case, Aria, to back him up. Like I said in a previous piece, bringing in Aria to prove you’re telling the truth is like bringing in Casey Anthony for parenting advice. Actually, that’s not a fair comment… Casey Anthony is much more stable than Aria.

But I think the count did me a real favor. First, by make claims that were so outrageous, and then by proving them false by not even attempting some lame-ass deeper lie to prove them (ala Aria), he reminded me exactly what kind of lunatic fringe I was dealing with. And second, by bringing in Aria he just jump-started the crazy factor.

Look, I don’t know the count, or any of these other hounds, from Adam. He could be a decent guy, he could be a jerk. I don’t know. Truthfully, I think he and I share more in common than you might think, including a similar taste in music and film (sometimes). I wish him well, I really do. And if he wants to keep attacking someone he doesn’t know, and someone he’s already proven that he has no real knowledge of, then knock yourself out Count.

As for the hounds, the real truth is I want them to keep on doing exactly what they are doing, which is devoting their entire lives to criticizing a television channel. The truth is, as many of you know, the Rupert Murdoch empire “NewsCorp” (the parent company to Fox News, among others) is in some very serious trouble right now due to some illegal activities in the UK. Will it hit Fox? Who knows, but even if it’s proven that none of these activities took place at Fox (and I’m not saying they did or didn’t, but we will find out), we could see the Murdoch empire vastly changed.

And while I don’t ever see Fox going away, it is possible that it leaves Murdoch’s hands. But lets take it to the extreme, lets assume this scandal destroys all that is Murdoch, and Fox News ceases to exist. Will there be celebration at NewsHounds? Boy you know there will be. Will they take credit for it? Knowing those ego’s, I’m sure they will. Will they move on? I’m not sure they would know how to.

But the reality is this: If that were to happen, after all of the champagne has been drank, after all of the confetti has been swept up, the truth will hit them: This empire fell without one single one of their efforts contributing. That means that for the last several years they could have spent their time enjoying nature, making friends, developing relationships, and living lives that actually meant something, and Fox STILL would have fallen. In the end, the hours, days, weeks and years that they devoted to hate, all of the vile that the spilled (some of which surely sunk into their souls), all of that wasted time, meant nothing.

And like I said, I hope it continues, because as vile as this group is capable of being, at least they are corralled in their own little universe, away from the real world where the rest of us would have to deal with them. And the karma of all of this is one day they will realize all of the potential they wasted on this journey. Thank you for showing me that, left unchecked, I could have ended up just like you two. Actually, I hate to compare you two: Count, I think you still have a shot at living a full and productive life, and actually enjoying life. My advice, focus more on the things you get enjoyment out of – Sinatra, the Huskers, a fine cigar – and don’t let the extreme right suck the life out of you. As for Aria, well there’s no hope for Aria, she’s a psychotic episode waiting to happen. I would not be surprised if we see her creepy smile plastered on the front of Time someday, ala Jarod Loughner.

And for that, I have the Count and Aria to thank for making my journey back into this world short lived. Today I could spend the entire day sitting at this computer, picking apart the insanity that is a daily occurence over there, and who knows, it’s possible that I could have done just that. Instead, I think I’ll try to hit the golf course this afternoon (if the rain stops), grill a nice steak on the grill, and throw The Godfather on the big screen tonight.

Yep, life is good, but only if you rid yourself of all it’s little annoyances.


3 Responses

  1. While I agree in parts about the Newshounds people, I think you do a disservice to yourself and the points you’re trying to make by getting into the gutter and making nasty personal comments about them as you are complaining that they are doing that to you.

    I’ve posted here before and in case you don’t remember, here’s the blog post I did complaining about them, and Ellen actually responded once.


    As for the Anthony Weiner situation, I think the reason why many on the left have a different reaction to that than they do to say David Vitter or Larry Craig or any number of other Republican sex scandals, is one very important distinction between the them and that isn’t party affiliation or “Folk hero” status or anything like that. It’s that Weiner is not a politician who was exposed as a hypocrite due to the scandal. Vitter , Craig, and others were either strict family values people who got caught cheating on their wives or engaging in activities that were decidedly not in line with the “Family Values” crowd, or they were heavily anti-gay politicians who were caught in a homosexual sex scandal.

    If it weren’t for that aspect, I don’t think the heavy scorn would be even near the amount it is. Weiner wasn’t a big preacher of family values, and condemning anyone that fell outside that view. His actions did not hurt anyone, aside from the personal feelings and emotions of his wife, which in that case it’s a personal matter between him and his wife.

    It’s disappointing and embarrassing, but on the politician scandal meter this doesn’t even register BELOW a blip on the radar.

    Just my thoughts.

  2. First Gary, thanks for writing, although I am a little puzzled as for the timing. I think if you look at the blog you’d realize that I’ve all but left the hateful hounds behind, although I will refer to them I’m sure again from time to time.

    My issue with the hounds and their ilk isn’t so much civility, although civility, or lack of it, does play a small role. My issue is more with the sheer cowardice of he site, their unwillingness (or more likely inability) to engage in open debate. Even when they are on the right side of an issue, and occasionally they are, there approach is so blinded by hatred that they do harm to their argument just by the way it is presented.

    As for your comments about Weiner, while I understand that certain pleasure that comes from seeing someone who preaches one thing get caught doing the exact “sin” the preach against, I think Weiner’s arrogance and smugness make him a perfect target. And the fact that his actions lead to a seat held for 80+ years by the Dem’s falling to the right is just icing on the cake.

  3. I was going through my firefox bookmarks and I had bookmarked an old post of yours which is no longer there. I remembered commenting and decided to check it out and it was gone. So I just started reading from the top of your blog and came across this post.

    With Weiner, I actually kinda liked him. I think if you have him in your corner then you love him, if you don’t you don’t. I think many on the right do not like him because he was not someone who was going to sit back and take someone throwing lies and talking points into his face. When he interviewed with Megan Kelly and she kept trying to pin him down to a yes/no answer on a question that was much more complex than that, and kept interrupting him, he clearly pointed out that he wasn’t playing that game. So I understand those on the right no caring for him and taking extra delight at his downfall.

    I was disappointed in the situation that he was in, and was hoping more than believing, that it wasn’t true. However as I said, it was a victimless crime as it relates to anything outside his personal life. People in his district loved him and would have reelected him if he had run.

    Alan Grayson is a guy who I can’t stand, although so many on the left love that guy. He lied in an ad against Daniel Webster by editing audio and making it sound like he was saying that women needed to submit to their husbands because it was in the Bible. The actual audio showed he was saying NOT to do that. When caught Grayson was just like “yeah well?”

    I don’t like Webster and think he’s too extreme for me, but Grayson was well over the line with that, and I was glad to see him get voted out, even if it did go to a Republican. lol.

    I left Newshounds at least a year ago. I got tired of all the slanted stuff. I realize that’s the site and it’s mostly opinions, but it is annoying.

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