The Count And Aria Team Up And Double Down On Ignorance

Warning: Possibly the longest post I have ever written, and that is saying a lot. Continue….

For those of you who have not been following the saga over at Stephen Lengyel’s, aka “Count Istvan”, blog, “Banned and Dangerous Ministries”, and given Stephen’s readership I’d say that’s pretty much all of you, I am proud to say that the old count himself has decided to throw in the towel regarding the asinine comments he recently made about yours truly, something we all knew was coming (since none of the accusations had a shred of truth to them), it was just a guessing game as to how he would bow out.

What I want to share with you is my response to Stevie’s “article”, An Update on Bob Peters (found at: . Before I present my response, please go to the “dangerous” blog and read what the count has to say.

One other thing. My response to Stephen includes the line “..lets start counting the minutes before the count hits “delete”. And folks, if you’re reading this on my blog and not the counts, that is exactly what he did.”

But the truth is, the count DID leave my response on his post, despite a history of instantly deleting my posts, along with the posts of anyone who disagrees with him. So why repost it, if in fact it’s still posted at “banned and dangerous” (at least it is as of this writing)? I’ll explain in a moment.

Here is my response:

“…I guess Bob answered this thread no here of course”. Gee, and why not here? I guess it couldn’t have anything to do with the “If and when I see your posts they will be erased” policy, could it?  Well, it sounds like you’re inviting me to respond, so lets see if you have the balls to actually leave the response up, or do the chickenshit thing and dump it.

Look, I’m not going to go over all the embarrassing misinformation in this and previous posts, although I do like you showing concern for my losing a job I never held. No, I address all of the inconsistencies in your “reporting” already, but I do have to address a couple of your new accusations.

Look, you want to call me an ass, want to call me stupid, or any other childish insult, then knock yourself out. Kinda par for the course for a hound. And hey, even though you couldn’t be more wrong, I’ve even come to accept “racist” from the hounds, because the left call anyone who disagrees with them “racist”, so that “insult”
has pretty much lost any punch.

But I have to say, I take great offense at “White Supremacist”. Oh sure, again I know that it’s just a lame attempt to make me look like something I’m not, but when you add to that that I “hacked other people’s social pages. His friends plus most likely himself like to steal identities and posts on message boards.”, you’re leaving childish insults behind and flirting with real actionable libel. Well, kind of. Sure, writing shit like this, making false accusations about someone is libel…. But then again it’s on your blog, so I guess for it to be real libel someone would have to read it.

Now I could ask for a retraction or an apology, like that would ever happen, but I want to go a different route. Instead, I’d like to ask you to prove your accusations. Hey, If I’m any of these things you claim I am, it shouldn’t be that hard. Now granted, the “stealing identities and posting on message boards” is a little vague, since you didn’t 100% claim I did, just that I most likely did. (By the way, who are these “friends” you refer to? Folk I don’t know that have commented on my blog? Hell, using that logic you and I are best buds?)

The way I see it, there are four options here? 1) You retract and/or apologize. Yeah, not putting too much money on that bet. 2). You delete my response. THAT’S the one I’m betting on. (in which case I’ll just post it on my blog, so that any hounds stumbling on it can see you couldn’t back your claims up, which is just as good as admitting they’re lies.) 3), You give a lame ass response, providing “proof” that’s as lame (probably lamer) then all the other mistakes you’ve made, or 4) you actually prove your accusations. That’s a zero bet as well, since none of these accusations have the slightest bit of truth.

And hey count, if you are going to try to lie your way through this, lets see if you can be a little more creative than Aria, who “proved” that I’m a sexist by pointing out that I “only” comment on posts at newshounds written by women. Of course I have commented on posts written by male writers, but Aria failed to point out that 95+% of the posts are written by women, and conveniently ignored my disagreements with Nayef, Visitor, Doo-Dah, Brockman, and of course you dear count.

And yes, there was one time I used the anonymous option to post on your blog, hardly stealing an identity. As for hacking, never happened. Oh, unless you’re thinking about the attempt Aria made to hack into my Facebook account. Nope, what you’re referring to is the time I went to Aria’s Facebook page…. Which was set to “public” at the time. Not exactly hacking when anyone has access.

As for the White Supremacist comment, lets see, where did you get that idea from. Lets see, was it my calling Obama every racial slur in the book? Well, since I never have, that couldn’t be it. My repeated use of the “N” word? Nope, I never use that word – I find it vile – so that can’t be it. My posts discussing my admiration for Dr. Martin Luther King? Well that doesn’t make sense.

I know, my work with Habitat for Humanity, right? Wait, the last three houses I assisted on were for African-American families, so THAT doesn’t sound like the actions of a white supremacist, does it. Or the two spring breaks in Mexico building homes for the poor. But hey, that was in High School, so I’ve had plenty of time to turn to the dark side, I guess. Or is it my membership in the NAACP? Yep, I have a membership in the NAACP.

But hey, here I am trying to take away all of your glory… No, let’s leave the proof to the great count. Or, more likely, lets start counting the minutes before the count hits “delete”. And folks, if you’re reading this on my blog and not the counts, that is exactly what he did.

Oh, one last thing. The count ended his last comment with “Bob and his crowd would probably not try anything with me.” Try
anything? Do you really think that you are significant enough that I would want to “try anything”? Well, it must be wonderful to have such an ego, but count, if you were standing across the street I wouldn’t bother crossing it to “try anything”. No, seeing you live your pitiful little life is good enough for me. I couldn’t imagine anything worse.

P.S. Bonus points for proving my employment at the West Des Moines (or any Iowa) Borders.

Your move….

So the reason I decided to post this here after all is two-fold. First, I gave four possible scenario’s of how I thought the count would respond, but ever the unpredictable,
the count came up with a fifth: Leave the response, and just ignore it. Okay, I guess I could have seen that coming, and considering ignoring the call for him to explain his outlandish claims is basically the same as admitting he has nothing to back up his claims, well I’ll take that.

Secondly, not only does the count bring in world famous liar Aria Prescott to back him up (which is kind of like bringing in Casey Anthony to give parenting tips) – more on her later, he continues to throw out additional false claims, and this time he does not allow discussion.  So I will respond here.

The simple truth is this: If the count had ANY shred of evidence that I was a white supremacist (or even a mild racist), that I hacked social networks, or that I have ever posted on his blog or anyone else’s as anyone other than myself, he’d produce it. He’d be a damn fool not to.

Look, suppose I in turn made the accusation that the count was – and this is not an accusation, merely a hypothetical example – lets say a meth user (as opposed to “crack whore”, which he once claimed my 14 year old daughter would turn into), would you believe me? Probably not, and why should you, I’ve produced no evidence at all to back up that claim. And despite repeated calls to put up or shut up, the best I can come up with is something like “well, read his ramblings, only a meth head would write that”, you’re less likely to be swayed.

But what if I really, truly DID have proof (again, this is hypothetical. While I do not know the count personally, I very much doubt he is a meth head), solid proof, like for example a link to his arrest by the Omaha Police Dept for Meth possession, don’t you think I’d put that link up in a heartbeat? And yet you still find Istvan’s lack of any attempt to back up his claims reasonable.

Hell, the guy can’t even get my employment right, despite repeated denial that I have never worked for Borders in Iowa. In response to the above posted rebuttal, the count writes “From your own Blog you state you are a manager of a Borders bookstore and you live in Ankeny which is Des Moines. Seeing as how the only Borders in the Des Moines Area is The West Borders store it was a horrible assumption on my part

Shortly after the count wrote that, I responded with a simple request. Not a “War and Peace” response, as this one is becoming, but a simple request: Show me in the blog where I state that I am currently, or was EVER the manager of a Borders outside of California. And respond the count did, he deleted that comment immediately.

Now put yourself into the counts shoes. You have a link to my own blog where I state I manage the West Des Moines (or any other Iowa) Borders. You don’t use that? I’d have that up in a heartbeat. The count didn’t.

Now, I do want to give the count a little bit of credit for some quasi-detective work here. On my blog, on February 17th , I lament the news that Borders has declared bankruptcy, and they will be closing 200 stores. Two days later, I write an article about the Wisconsin budget battle, and then I go dark for 4 months. The count writes “After his store was closed he stopped posting on his blog for a few months though he never admitted he was unemployed

So the count is using my loss of a job (the I never had or lost) as a reason to quit blogging for a while. Actually, that makes sense, or at least provides a reason to go blank. But there are a couple of problems with that class B detective work. First, I had already announced I was trying to move away from dealing with hounds (and now I remember why). Second, in my discussion of the Borders closings (found here: I comment that the closings “especially hits me hard because I used to be a manager of Borders in California.” USED TO BE Count, not I AM, but I USED TO BE.

And finally, at the time that the original list of store closings was announced, the West Des Moines store was not on the list. It was almost two months later that the Des Moines store was announced to be closing, due to an inability between Borders and the landlord to renegotiate the lease. So according to the count, I went into mourning for my job two months before I even knew it was being lost. Just like the count wrote: ” Isn’t it funny how as soon as the news broke of Borders closing some stores including yours…(oops my bad again sorry) you went silent for three months?” Except again, I went silent two months before anyone ever knew the West Des Moines store would close.

So the count “moves on”, allowing my original rebuttal, but refusing anything else, like a request to clarify his mistakes. He adds: “From here on out if Bob wants to write any more chapters of War and Peace he can do so at Planet Boob. However I am keeping these posts up for Comedy value.” I love this comment. The first being the Oscar
Wilde-like wit and charm of the count. “Planet Boob”. I’m still chuckling. Tell me dear count, where does one develop such a wit? Oxford? Yale? You must be a hoot at all the spring cotillions. And I especially love the “I am keeping these posts up for comedy value” remark. Not because the proper term is “comedic value”, but because the host truly doesn’t realize that the real butt of the joke is himself, for all but admitting his lies by failing to offer up even the weakest of responses.

And speaking of “weakest of responses”, lets move on to Aria. I want to include Aria’s entire contribution here, and then we’ll discuss it. It really isn’t that long:

“Or is it my membership in the NAACP? Yep, I have a membership in the NAACP.”

You’ll forgive me if I ask you to prove that. Oh, wait- I’m gonna guess your two replies:

1) I would like to provide evidence, but every time I try it just gets deleted because the moderators hate being proven wrong.

Reply: So post it on your blog…

Your reply: Fuck you.

2) I don’t have to prove a damned thing. If I’m wrong, you have to prove I am to my satisfaction, even though the burden of proof’s on me.

You know- the only two replies you ever put up while you harp on endlessly about how you think everyone who’s ever discredited you is a liar?

You’re so goddamned predictable, Bob- go write your little hit piece about me now. God knows you’re not mature enough to do anything else.

Lets start with “1) I would like to provide evidence, but every time I try it just gets deleted because the moderators hate being proven wrong.     Reply: So post it on your blog…    Your reply: Fuck you.

Well, as we’ve already observed, she’s right about the deletion, which is the count’s M.O.. However, she implies that should she then reply “So post it on your blog”, I would reply….. well, with a rather vulgar term that seemingly flows off of Aria’s lips (and honestly, that’s pretty tame by her ladylike standards). But in fact I did reply Aria, without the vulgarity.

Which brings us to her second claim of how I will handle this: I don’t have to prove a damned thing. If I’m wrong, you have to prove I am to my satisfaction, even though the burden of proof’s on me.

Now I have to admit, that line of reasoning sounds familiar. Now why is that? Why indeed. Oh wait, I’ve got it, because that’s the way Aria handles every request to back up any one of her monumental whoppers.

Just for sheer enjoyment, go to this exchange that Aria and I had over at the newshounds site, with a few comments by the hound regulars thrown in. Not a friendly environment for old Bob at all. The basis of the thread is this. For months Aria had been telling monumental lies about me, really biblical in proportion, so I called her on it, laying out a dozen or so lies that she had told. In this exchange she was unable to back up even one of her claims, although she did succeed in laying down several more. Oh, there were several “I already proved that..” comments coming from Miss Aria, although none with any link to where she actually had. If you read through the whole thread – and it is a long one – you will not find a single instance of her actually providing any proof. The thread is here:

Okay, so the count calls me a White Supremacist, and the burden of proof is on me to prove I’m not, is that what you’re saying Aria? Or do you just want proof that I have donated to and am a member of the NAACP? Why do you find that so hard to believe Aria, do you really dislike the organization that much?

Now the truth is, I could post an autographed picture of myself and Ben Jealous – President of the NAACP – on which Ben had written “Thanks for all the hard work Bob”, and Aria wouldn’t accept it, but hey, I am nothing if not giving.

How about an e-mail, addressed to me, from the organization, and e-mail that goes out to it’s members:

Yeah, maybe not good enough. After all, it’s dated July 20th, the same day I made the outrageous claim that I was a member. I mean hey, I could have joined up right after making the claim, just to cover my ass, right?

So how about another shot of my inbox, showing the same e-mails going back several weeks:

That good enough for you Aria? Count?

So I put up, do you want to do the same? Excuse me if I don’t hold my breath while waiting…

Oh, and as for my writing a “hit piece” on you Aria, why should I bother. I could never show you to be the true nut case that you are any better than you do by opening your mouth, but if you want to have another go at proving any of your claims, after the count is unable to prove his, feel free. And have a nice day.

P.S. Boy, I must be slipping. Despite the fact that this was lead in the count’s original story, I can’t believe this slipped by me for this long. The count started out his original piece by saying “I was not going to blog again about that idiot Bob Peters because honestly he isn’t worth the space….” Okay, I get it, I’m insignificant and unworthy of the counts time. AND YET he posts a blog about me – well, not really ME, but someone he thought might be me. But where did this information come from. Obviously the count was doing a Google search, and a semi deep one, since this info doesn’t pop up on the first page. Ewww. I’m insignificant, and yet the count is doing searches about me. I guess we can add “obsession” to the long list of the counts many charms. I’ll put it right after his Oscar Wilde wit.


2 Responses

  1. Maybe, just maybe, the reason the “count” keeps deleting your posts is because he’s tired of your shit. As a writer for BAD, I know I get sick of your crap.

  2. Jonathon, I can see in certain instances that being the case, however most of my responses are responding to HIS unprovoked attacks on me. Imagine if I put up a post today saying “Did you know, that Jonathon Holmes is a registered sex offender and did three years in Folsom for grand theft” (all made up by the way), and you responded with “That’s bullshit” and I started deleting your attempts to address these lies. Would you say I was right in doing so because I’m sick of YOUR shit? Remember who started it.

    Excuse me for being a little upset about being called a white supremacist. That kinda shit upsets me. Your friends with the count, why don’t you ask him where he got that idea. You know he’s making that shit up, and your reputation as a coauthor on the site – one who allows these lies to continue – is tarnished as well.

    Seriously, Has the man ever provided any proof to back up a single on of his allegations? Of course not. And you know it.

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