Well Patrick, I figured as much…. Lengyel, do you want to try….

I couple of days ago I posted about how Newshound Priscilla knowingly lied (or is incredibly, incredibly ignorant), when she stated that ACORN, or what ACORN has become, was not in fact receiving any government aid (since you know, that would be illegal). Now my issue here isn’t with Priscilla, or even the hounds themselves, but I did have a semi-lively conversation with “The Dreaded Patrick” (as he calls himself) regarding this issue. Actually, if the truth be told, we didn’t really address the issue much. Patrick started out with a number of childish insults, as hounds are prone to do, and while he wouldn’t come right out and say Priscilla had lied, he made no attempt to prove she hadn’t. After all, that would have required research, something the hounds are not real keen on.

Patrick did go on to say he hopes that ACORN is receiving funds, and that he hopes they are using those funds to “destroy” Fox news, and added that Media Matters keeps getting their funding to stop Fox as well. Funny how the left likes to call the right “Fascists”, but their big fans of fascism when the target is the right.

Anyhow, long story short, all Pat could do was continue to fling a few baseless, and pretty damn weak, insults and claims that have no foundation, and then accused me of lying. About what, I’m not sure. When asked to clarify exactly what I’m lying about, well, that’s when Pat goes silent. And can you blame him? Accusations are easy, the truth is hard.

Which brings us the another hound, the ever amusing Stephen Lengyel, aka Count Istvan. As much as it’s hard to like the Count, at the same time it’s hard not to. How can you not have an appreciation for some one who is SO WRONG, and so often. The Count, for some reason, really, really doesn’t like me. Why? Well, part of it stems from issues he has had in the past with a guy who went by “Ranger Bob”, and then there was a “Suicide Bob”, and I think there might have even been another Bob or two, and dear Stephen seems to think I’m all of these Bob’s. I’m not of course, but these folks must have really pissed in his Corn Flakes.

And every now and then I venture over to one of the five or six blogs that the Count writes (the only one I know who has more blogs than readers), And recently Lengyel was opining about his concern that he has discovered that Bob Peters (my name) from Ankeny (my Town) was president of the local Little League, and he was shocked and appalled that it could possibly be me (it’s not), because according to the Count, I “befriend admitted pedophiles”, and on top of that, I am now a White Supremacist. The pedophile gag he’s been trying (unsuccessfully) to sell for months now, but I’m not exactly sure where the White Supremacist hack job came from. Oh well, like I’ve always said, if you’re a hound and you don’t have any substance, make shit up…. it’s not like the other hounds are going to check, right?

Stephen is also concerned about my welfare, because “Borders the book store Bob Peters works for filed for bankruptcy and one of the stores that they closed was the West Des Moines store that he managed. After his store was closed he stopped posting on his blog for a few months though he never admitted he was unemployed.”

Nice spin, except that I have never managed or worked for the Borders in Des Moines. Oh, I did used to work for Borders, three years ago in California, but I’m afraid not here. And you see, I’ve discussed my current employment numerous times in the past, so Lengyel has had ample opportunity to put together the right information, but I included this to show you just how competent this piece of… work really is.

As for his early blasts at me, again I can’t address what the Count is basing his white supremacist claim on. This is a new one, and I won’t even begin to try to guess what he is blaming this on. Other than of course it is a simple left-wing meme to call your opponent a racist if you have nothing else solid.

As for the “befriend admitted pedophiles”, this is of course not true, and ranks a close second to racism as a “go to” insult for the Kennel Krowd. And isn’t it odd that a man who admits to a passion for young boys sports (despite having no children), and a man whose blog gets WAY TO EXCITED about Harry Potter would call someone else a pedophile? Lets not forget the catch phrase of one of the Counts many unread blogs: “An Open Invitation For Everybody And Everything Who Bites Sucks And Or Blows“.

And getting back to Borders, I can see the count right now saying “Oh yeah, PROVE you weren’t the manager of the Des Moines Borders”. Fair enough, but how do you prove something like that? I mean, the store is closed, so it’s not like you can call there and ask for the Manager. I guess the next best thing would be to call the Ames, Iowa store and ask them who used to manage Des Moines. They are still open, and given that Ames is 30 miles north of Des Moines, I’m sure they had a working relationship, probably in the same district. Hell County, I’ll bet there are Border’s in Omaha, right? They were probably in the same district as well. Check it out.

Why bother? Really no reason to, other than to just be amazed at how someone with access to so much information can get things so, so wrong. And that’s when he’s trying… and half the time the hounds are just making it up as they go.

Oh, sure, just because you find something on the internet (or “Internets”, as President Obama says) doesn’t mean it’s factual, or even if it is factual, if it’s the RIGHT fact. Example? I’m pretty sure that, as the Count discovered, Bob Peters is the president of the local little league, just no this Bob Peters. And give the count credit, he actually asked whether it might be the same person, didn’t just assume (like he did with Border’s and my employment.)

Which brings us back to Priscilla and her false claim about Acorn. Look, on pretty much any political discussion, you can find what appears to be pretty solid information on either side of an issue. I can find you articles showing without a doubt that ACORN received no money, and I can find you articles proving it did. At this point, most folks let their ideology take over, stick with the article that reaffirms their position, and won’t even consider anything else. This is what Priscilla and later Patrick did, despite the fact that websites from the Obama administration itself showed 2011 contributions to ACORN.

But what if you can’t confirm whether the information is correct? Well, then it’s time to do a little detective work. For example, lets look at Stephen again. A search of his name shows on the site “Spokeo” that he lives on “X” street in Omaha. Obviously not “X” street, but lets protect his privacy. Is this the same Stephen? Hard to say, but it does say this Stephen is in his 30’s, and from posts on the counts blog, we do know he is in his 30’s. Getting closer. It also states that another person living at the house is named Rose. I’m pretty sure the count has mentioned a niece with the name rose, and while that is not the rose that lives with the count, it does show it to be a family name.

So the Spokeo entry probably for Stephen Lenyel probably is our dear Count.  Which brings up an interesting point: The Count, on occasion, will discuss “The Countess”, which of course I assumed to be his wife, although I can never remember the man referring to his wife, only to “The Countess”. In a way, it’s sweet, putting your wife on such a pedestal. Or, it could just be self serving, building on his own egomaniacal need to consider himself “The Count.

But no, there is actually a third explanation. Apparent the Count, in his 30’s, still lives with Mom & Dad, and the “Countess” is in fact his mother. Now doesn’t THAT explain a lot?


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