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Kibbles and bits (and bits, and bits, and….)

Damn it, they did it, they sucked me back in. Oh well, when someone opens the door with an argument you could drive a truck through, it’s hard to pass it up. The good news is that a) the hounds still block out opposing views, so I don’t have to waste my time there rebutting inane comment after inane comment, and b) 95% of them are too chicken-shit to stray from the kennel and comment without the rest of the sheep there to back them up, so I don’t have to waste time with their inane comments here (although they are welcome at any time).

I just wanted to comment on a couple of recent discussions over at newshounds recently. No deep analysis, like I said, this stuff practically writes itself. As I have mentioned previously, Newshound “Kelstar” has penned the ideal description of the life of a hound: “I cannot imagine a life of picking fly sh!t out of the pepper just to fulfill a need to be constantly pissed off about something.

Let’s see what today’s fly shit consists of. First, we have the huge and possibly campaigning ending mistake by Michelle Bachmann: She mispronounced “Chutzpah” According to head shit picker Ellen: “Bachmann made a fool out of herself to every Jew and probably everyone who’s ever known a Jew when she said President Obama “has a lot of ch-utzpah” and pronounced the “ch” the way it is in “church” instead of as in “challah.”

Look, lets get this out of the way right away, Bachmann DID mispronounce the word. I’m not going to try to do a Palin-revisionist “No, that’s the way it’s really pronounced…” half-assed attempt at an apology. But “made a fool out of herself to every jew and probably everyone who’s ever known a jew…”. Really Ellen, we’re not laying it on a little thick, are we? (Also, aren’t you insulting the Jews with the lowercase “j”?)

Now I’ve got two “angles” I want to discuss here. The first is this: Ellen’s little story was accompanied by two video clips of Bachman and Greta Van Sustren (See: The two videos covered about 7-1/2 minutes of time, during which Bachman made these comments:

1) She brings up the fact that 69% of the American People do not want the debt ceiling raised, and that 63% think the country is heading in the wrong direction. 2) “I think it’s the president whose out of step…” 3) Bachmann explained (rightly) that in the event the debt limit is not raised, that seniors will in fact still receive their benefits – meaning Obama is either ignorant of how the social security payment system works, or is purposely trying to frighten old people. 4) Discussions of waste and fraud and “people milking the system” (usually a hound dog whistle). 5) “We have plenty of money to pay off the interest on the debt, we will not default” 6) Discussions of the downgrading of our credit rating. 7) “The President is playing politics, clearly” and finally 8) “The President doesn’t want to be confronted with priorities in spending, because he has a lot of ch-utzpah. He spent a trillion dollars on the stimulus, it failed. He spent a trillion and a half dollars a year on deficits that are his, and also, Obamacare – trillions of dollars – this is his spending, he’s got to own it and deal with it.”

ALL of that to choose from (and boy, I could find issue with a lot of it), and she picks a mispronunciation of a Yiddish word as her big “Gotcha”. Oops, Oops, wait a minute Ellen, I think that piece there was actually pepper….. Kinda reminds me of an old episode of Sanford and Son where Aunt Esther tells Fred (Redd Foxx) “You’re a stupid, lazy, fat, old fool”, to which Fred replies “Who you callin’ old?” I guess they couldn’t find any issue with Bachmann’s other comments.

The other angle I wanted to take is a comparison of this gaffe by Bachman, and a previous similar gaffe by the President. Back in February of last year, President Obama, at the National Prayer Breakfast, pronounced the word “Corpsman” wrong (twice), pronouncing it as “Corpse-man” instead of “Core-man”. Now, when this happened, Hannity harped on it on Fox, and the kennel went ballistic.

So what’s the difference? Do you think, in Ellen-speak, it would have been proper after the President’s gaffe to write “Obama made a fool out of himself to everyone in the military and probably everyone who’s ever known someone in the military when he pronounced “Corpsman” as …” Kind of a stupid comment, right.

Of course the hounds dumped on Hannity for daring to bring it up (I wonder if they’ll jump on Ellen for her daring to bring it up?), and in some pretty colorful ways, the classiest of which was “Well…”‘s comment that the President had to “wash the slime off his skin from having to speak at the National ‘Prayer’ breakfast” – Nice, huh? Of course some folks brought up the obvious fact that the press had a field day with Bush’s numerous flubs, which lead to the one truly sane comment to come out of a hound – Hoode said that “No one is defending Obama here, he &$#@ed up. We are mocking Hannity and his double standard. With all of the hundreds of verbal screw ups of Bush he never once mentioned one of them.

Now THAT is a valid point, not that Obama screwed up (he did), or that Bush screwed up (he did), but that FOX would bring to light and ridicule the former while ignoring the latter. THAT is actually a legitimate point. But, if you want to make that argument, you also have to acknowledge that NewsHounds is guilty of the exact same thing, in reverse. So Fox does it, it’s wrong. Newshounds does THE EXACT SAME THING, but it’s okay.

As a side note, several of the comments on Bachmann’s life-changing error are about her “Gay Husband”. I have to admit, I have never seen or heard Bachmann’s husband speak, so he could possibly come off as gay, although not that that would matter to the hounds. I’m amazed at how often the hounds will, if they disagree with you, accuse you of being gay, as if that is the ultimate insult. Not to mention their use of the word “faggot” as another form of insult. Look for it, they use this tactic A LOT.

Okay, that’s today’s Kibble, now for a few pieces of “bits”. Our fist comment – actually set of comments – comes from “Antoinette”, a delusional hound who thinks she is a big insider in the industry. In discussing the current Murdoch/Hacker scandal (which I have already stated that I hope all involved – including Murdoch – get all that can be legally thrown at them), she starts out with this: “Ruthless Rupy is a power-hungry, control-freak bastard. He calls ALL the shots inside News Corporation, and the suit in charge of a News Corporation subsidiary has no say whatsoever. It’s always has been about power and control for Rupy.” and later, in the exact same comment string, gives us this: “Rupy does not closely monitor every single News Corporation subsidiary (I think she meant “Subsidiary”). It’s too numerous. That’s left up to the suits in charge.

Then, for some reason, she throws in this: “News Corporation subsidiaries (I think she meant “subsidiaries”)  are housed in that skyscraper including Fox
“News” Channel, “Fox “Business” Channel, Wall Street Journal, Fox Interactive Media, Fox Radio, etc. News Corporation has a gym inside the building for employees who want to work out before or after their shifts. For security, News Corporation employees were ID badges. They have security in the building to keep an eye on things-and employees. There’s a lot of money invested in television equipment, including the state-of-art graphics used on Fox “News” Channel and high-end video cameras, lighting, and control room equipment, etc. Millions of dollars investe d in Fox”News” satellite trucks, private planes to shuffle people to various assignments, hotels, paid catering services, rented SUV to transport hosts back and forth to their hotels, rented space for makeshift studios, etc.”

So in other words, NewsCorp is like…. pretty much any other large corporation in America.

Next, we have proof that the hounds aren’t the only ones with comprehension issues. The hounds highlight a commentary by Keith Olbermann where he discusses how he was “Blackmailed” by Rupert Murdoch, except he wasn’t. Now I actually like Keith Olbermann. Oh, I disagree with him on just about everything, but I think the man is a great showman, and smooth operator, and a very intelligent man. I loved Olbermann on Sports Center even though his coworkers felt otherwise.

Olbermann told a story on TV the other night about working for FOX Sports. During his tenure, he had some health issues, was told he needed to cut back at work, and he told Fox that. They came back and said “okay, we can cut you back to “X” number of days, and drop your salary to “Y”. Olbermann agreed, even though the deal stunk. THIS was the so-called blackmail. Really Keith? For someone with your vocabulary, you’d think the man would understand the concept of blackmail. Was it a slimy business deal? Yup. Was it blackmail? Hardly.

And in closing, a quick shout out to my hound buddy Nayef, who proved once again that reading comprehension is not his strong suit. A few posts back I discussed how Nayef was duped into believing some pretty clearly written satire, despite the fact that is said in the article itself it was satire. Nayef today responds that “Recently I posted something here which was wrong; somebody replied saying it was satire not real news. So I acknowledged that and said the article was silly. Today I check the old troll and he was deriding me for both the post and the admission it was wrong.”

No Nayef, I wasn’t deriding you for admitting you were wrong. I merely stated that when you were alerted it was a hoax you stated “Yes after checking the article again and trying to find sources, it turned out to be a hoax; quite tasteless too and serves absolutely no service”. My point was, when Nayef thought the story was real, he not only didn’t find it tasteless, but he offered to write a story on it for newshounds. What I’m deriding Nayef for is his shear hypocrisy. And still he can’t see that. Would have been surprised if he could have.


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