Okay, we know that 95% of the Hounds are a couple taco’s short of a combo plate, but this takes the cake….

There’s stupidity, then there is NewsHound stupidity, but this one takes the cake. This could quite possibly be the stupidest thing ever said on Newshound.us, and believe me, that is not an easy thing to do (the previous winner was Aria “proving” there are in fact, 57 states).

In discussing the Casey Anthony verdict, NewsHound regular “Nayef” had this to say:

Nayef Daher

Hi Ellen

If you want I can write an article on this and send you. Bachmann blamed Obama for the verdict and said that the reason behind the verdict is that the child is white. Not sure if Hannity objected to her saying so on his program after. All her said was: thank you.

It could be that Hannity is torn here: no justice for a white baby girl, or punishment to a white mother.

Now if you link to the article, you know, the one that Nayef is going to write an article about, you get Sarah Palin saying this: “Once again we see, with our nation in crisis, President Obama stands by and does idly nothing while an injustice is committed here in this glorious nation of ours. It’s almost strange that the president has not yet made one statement on the issue of the death of young Caylee Anthony. Why the strange silence, Mr. President”

And Michelle Bachman,supposedly on the Hannity show, adding: BACHMANN: Well, I’ve been visiting all the primary states, and I’ve been talking to people, andpeople all over the place are asking me, why, in Barack Obama’s America, someone who murders a baby who happens to be white doesn’t get punished. And Sean, I’ve been on the front lines, and I know people are afraid not just of the massive debt created by the Pelosi-Reid government, they’re worried about the Muslim Brotherhood, which has clear ties to terror groups dedicated to creating a worldwide Islamic caliphate, and they’re worried that Eric Holder’s Justice Department isn’t going to do anything about it if the Brotherhood or another group comes for their children.”

HANNITY: Very interesting stuff. Thanks for coming on, Congresswoman. We always appreciate it.

BACHMANN: Thanks, Sean.

Now honestly, you’d have to be a total moron to believe that any of this was real, and while I don’t consider Nayef to be the brightest bulb in the box (he is a hound after all), I really didn’t think he was this close to needing a drool cup.

Now what could have been his first clue? Well, considering this article was about Hannity’s take on the trial, and that Ellen had actually praised Hannity’s tone and comments on the trial, I doubt that this little exchange would have slipped by Ellen, or any of the other hounds, assuming they actually DO watch Fox (which has been proven time and time again that they usually just cut and paste Media Matters talking points).

Or how about the “conclusion” they are drawing here. In their minds, all republicans are flaming racists who hate all black people, especially Obama. And yet, using that as a baseline, they’re “pissed” that the white girl got away with murder? If they were the racists the hounds envision them to be – and seriously hounds, have you ever ventured outside of mom’s basement and actually met a republican – Bachman would be jumping for joy that Anthony got off (mostly), despite that evul Obama’s plan to have Holder have her convicted because she’s white.

But if those two clues weren’t enough, how about the “Mona”, the Rhodes Scholar that wrote this piece, categorized it as “semi-satire”. Or, there’s always the last line in the story: “The author at Salon, Alex Pareene ‘may have invented this’.”

Funny how just a few hours after this thread was posted, Priscilla was taking presidential candidate Herman Cain to task for criticizing Time magazine for an article he “didn’t entirely read”. Hey Herman, if that whole run for office thing doesn’t work out, I think there’s always a spot for you at the kennel.

Oh wait, I forgot, the hounds absolutely HATE black people, so that probably wouldn’t work. How do I know this? Well, for years they’ve been telling us that anyone who doesn’t care for Obama is a racist, and just cant stand that a black man is in the White House. So, using their logic, they must feel the same way
about Cain. And don’t even get me started about their hatred of women… just look at Palin and Bachman. Of course I could be wrong, their dislike of these three could just be a disagreement with their policies. But then, if THAT were the case, my disagreement with Obama might have to do with his policies, and
not the color of his skin at all? Nah, that can’t be right……

NOTE: Apparently the hounds aren’t the only gullible losers out there. Read the comments on this Piece, including:

# novenatoron 06 Jul 2011 at 11:26 pm

Every time I think the right wing nut jobs can’t set the bar any lower, they pull a new lowlife limbo out of their ass.  It’s shit like this that makes me wonder if our species will survive even 2 more generations.  Idiocracy is real, and living in the conservative camp.

“Idiocracy is real, and living in the conservative camp.” Really Novenatoron? Oh don’t get me wrong, Idiocracy IS real, but I think it’s living in your mirror.
# A. Learsonon 07 Jul 2011 at 6:07 pm

These two claim to be born-again chirstians but, what they are doing is pure evil. Using that childs’ death for political gain is despicable and God will judge them for!

Here’s the thing I love about this last comment, it came after multiple people had commented that this was in fact Satire. Silly liberals….


4 Responses

  1. clearly satire-if people thought that was real then they’re dumb

  2. It gets even better Chris. First of all, no one responds to Nayef for 13 hours, meaning they either read his link and believed it too, or, and I think this is more likely, they’ve learned the best was to respond to Nayef is to ignore him. Heck, you – an evul conservative – were the first to point it out to him, causing him to come back with this classic retort:

    “Yes after checking the article again and trying to find sources, it turned out to be a hoax; quite tasteless too and serves absolutely no service. I couldn’t even find a basis for such satire; nobody even said anything close to what appeared in the hoax.”

    So, it’s quite tasteless and serves no service, and yet when he belived it, he wanted to not only bring it up, but write an article about it.

    Hmmm, “Quite tasteless and serves absolutely no service”. I think we’ve found a new motto for NewsHounds…. although it be hard to top Kelstar’s suggestion: ” I cannot imagine a life of picking fly sh!t out of the pepper just to fulfill a need to be constantly pissed off about something.”

  3. I posted this last week but it didn’t appear:

    Now that’s rich! I link to a story which turns out to be a hoax; I fully acknowledge that and reverse course, and you have a problem with that? So you would expect me to be like you: a stubborn old man who will insist on a wrong story no matter what.
    This reminds me of the “Beck raped a girl and if he didn’t why isn’t he denying the accusation” satire. You called it vicious attacks and baseless nonsense. When told it was a satire to show that Beck’s logic is messed up (NOT to say that he raped anyone) you dug your ground and showed maximum stubbornness (that of a donkey I may add).
    Off memory: you derided me for saying that O’Reilly accused Dr Tiller of “Nazi stuff” thinking the quote was mine and that I’m basically a child. When I informed you that it was O’Reilly’s actual words not mine and asked if you think he’s now a child, you kept commenting on the thread in general but never answered the question.
    Then, lifting allegations off right wing fiction, you contended that Al Gore brought up the Willie Horton before Bush. When informed that Gore simply asked a general question regarding the POLICY of furlough programs, and NEVER mentioned Horton or any story about a beneficiary committing rape/murder, you still contended it’s the same thing Bush’s campaign did.
    Well, that’s the difference between an old ignorant pig like you and a scientist like me. While I am always willing to review my work and make corrections when I am wrong, you are simply a brick wall. So believe what you may, not that I care.
    By the way, you also contend a lot at NH live in their parents’ basement, yet provide no proof. Apart from it showing your hypocrisy on the “publish accusations” which are “not true” topic, the stupidity here is startling. So a bunch of people who monitor a major propaganda network must be losers in a basement, yet you, an idiot who is reduced to monitoring COMMENTS of said blog, are somehow any better. In fact you’re way worse. So if any sane person is to place a wager on who’s living in mommy’s basement, the money is on you.
    Will your Planet 3 edition be any better?

  4. Nayef,

    To save time I replied to all of your comments on the “Acorn” thread.

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