I waited 4 months for this……

Look, I know when I moved this blog to it’s 2.0 version, I did so in part because I had fallen into the sewer trap that is “Newshounds.us”, and I needed to leave those folks behind. And what a breath of fresh air these last few months have been. It’s amazing what eliminating psychotic delusional hate-filled wackos from your life does for you.

But, I just HAD to see how the hounds were handling the whole “Weinergate” story. And honestly, I could have written this story without ever looking at the kennel, they are that predictable. Let me just give you a few highlights of hound-speak from before Weiner’s press conference:

First, the majority of the comments dealt with how horrible Sean Hannity and Michelle Malken and…. well, anyone associated with Fox news is. What does this have to do with Weiner? Well, they need to distract their sheep with something other than the truth, right? But here are some of the comments that actually address Weiner’s um….situation:


Dustin Culbertson: well i geuss (I think he meant guess) this is as cose (I think he meant close) as we are going to get to anyone from fox admiting (I think he meant admitting) that they fabricated this whole thing
Kelstar: …. I’m certain he’s clean….. Weiner is not playing into this the way Fox would like…. I remain convinced the trail will end in the vicinity of Brietbart and, hopefully, Fox…..
Aria Prescott:  Funny how on Fox News, a discredited lie from Andrew Breitbart can get this much coverage (and no one knows more about Lies than Aria….)
And this is my favorite:
Daingel: That’s the problem those who aren’t paying attention don’t know that it was NEVER tweeted from his account. The only proof is a screenshot that one of Breitbart’s henchmen took. The problem is the image was seriously morphed especially with Wiener’s name being photoshopped in. On a regular tweet account the name is generated through scripting. It’s not an image like  text is pixaled  in Photoshop. And the only two people who supposedly saw this were Breitbart’s buddies PatriotUSA 76 and Dana Loesh. There’s even more evidence that this was planned by these two a couple of weeks ago from Tweets they sent out, and forgot to delete from their Twitter accounts before someone had the forethought to cache them.
Daingel goes on to explain over and over how there is no way this could have been tweeted by Weiner.
But as you know, Weiner DID Tweet the photos. Surprisingly, Fox and Breitbart were not behind this at all, it was ALL Weiner. So lets see how the hounds responded.
I could go on and on, but I just want to give you a few highlights. First, obviously none of those who claimed the right was responsible for these tweets said they were wrong. Nope, nothing to see here folks, move along. And despite the fact that it took the hounds 14 hours to respond (takes a long time to think up new angles, doesn’t it… I mean, when the truth is not an option), they actually used this opportunity to double down on the lies they’ve already told.
First, they claimed that Breitbart was “blackmailing” Weiner. Why? Because apparently Breitbart still has some graphic pictures Weiner tweeted that he’s holding on to as insurance. Now I assumed that the hounds knew what blackmail was, but maybe not. See, blackmail is saying “I have this, and if you don’t do this I’ll release the photo’s”. Breitbart, as far as I can tell, has no demands he is making of Weiner.
But the funny thing is the hounds are actually making the argument the right was making all along, that by putting himself in this situation, Weiner opened himself up to blackmail. What if Breitbart didn’t get these photos, but say someone truly evil, like an American corporation? And suppose they use that info to get Weiner to vote a certain way? Okay, not exactly Manchurian Candidate stuff, but you get the idea. That is why these people that do these stupid things need to resign. Not just Weiner, but Vitter, Ensign (okay, he did resign, but it took too long), Craig, and any other asshole stupid enough to do shit like this.
But the real beauty comes from dear, sweet Aria. Man, this girl HATES being wrong, and will never admit to it. Remember, this is the brain trust that, after Obama made his “57 state” gaffe, went on the pages of Newshounds to PROVE that in fact there were 57 states.
Aria gives us this: Ellen, have you seen the mounting evidence that Darrell Issa (R-CA) may have played a role in masterminding this? Materminding? Um, Aria, Weiner ADMITTED he sent it…. unless of course you’re suggesting Issa hypnotized Weiner…. wait, I think that is what you’re saying.
And she later adds “Weiner doesn’t get a pass because his little denial drama gave me and my co-workers a lot of headaches- he can suffer for a while off that alone. Never mind how bad it made us all look when it came out that Breitbart wasn’t lying outright, he was just lying to make something real much worse than it was.”
Yes Aria, you are so right, Weiner’s number one concern should be how it made YOU look. How much of a narcissistic psycho can you be. And Breitbart wasn’t “lying outright”. Duh, he wasn’t lying at all. Even Weiner acknowledged that. I was hoping after 4 months you might have adjusted the meds. I guess not.
So, the sun set in the west (until Aria proves it didn’t), the tides go in and out, and all is well in the world of the hounds. I mean hey, if you can’t count on delusional hate-mongerers being, well, delusional and hate-filled, what can you count on. Ellen, you must be so proud……