Wisconsin: Poster Child For Democratic Hypocrisy

You know, whether you like or hate what’s happening in Wisconsin, the one thing you can’t ignore is the shear hypocrisy coming from the left, both in the state and even more so on a national level.

Back in January, 2009, three days into the Obama Presidency, Eric Cantor, Republican representing Virginia’s 7th District went to share ideas with President Obama for stimulating the economy and creating jobs. When Cantor pushed for small business tax-cuts, President Obama said,

“Elections have consequences,

and at the end of the day, I won.”

And the truth is, Obama is correct. He did win, and elections do indeed have consequences. But apparently that kind of thinking only applies when the left is in power. Up in Wisconsin we had an election that gave the right power in the state house, senate, and the Governors office. And now those in charge are trying to push through changes to state employee pension programs, and the left – those folks who two years ago were embracing the “Elections Have Consequences” mantra, have chosen to flee the state like cowards rather than do the job the fine folks of Wisconsin have elected them to do.

And then yesterday we have these words from former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi:

“I stand in solidarity with the Wisconsin workers fighting for their rights, especially for all the students and young people leading the charge.”

Now before we look at Nancy “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” Pelosi, let me state that I have no beef with the protesters. As of this writing, I have not heard of any instances of these peaceful protests turning violent, and as long as that remains the case, then I fully suporter the protestors right to protest.

But lets get back to Nancy for a moment. Solidarity, huh? Well I’m sure most of you are familiar with Mrs. Pelosi as a politician, but how familiar are you with her business dealings?

After all, Pelosi is the 2003 recipient of the Cesar Chavez Legacy Award, so I am sure her personal actions live up to her public persona. Yeah, right? Pelosi and her husband own a vineyard in Napa Valley, on Zinfandel Lane in St. Helena worth $25 million. The Pelosis’ make upwards of $2 million per harvest, hiring several different harvesters each year. Not one of the harvesters that the Pelosis’ hire has a contract with the United Farm Workers.

The Pelosis’ sell their grapes to two different wineries, both non-union. In recent years the Pelosis’ have held stake in two other wine enterprises – Ravenswood Winery and Charlore Wine Group, both – you guessed it – non-union.

As a keynote speaker at the 2004 AFL-CIO meeting, Pelosi said “Thank you all for fighting for America’s working families. And thank you for fighting to end the union-busting, family-hurting, exporting jobs presidency of George W. Bush.” Oh, and did I mention that in the last three elections organized labor has contributed almost $800,000 to Pelosi’s campaign.

Okay, so the Pelosis’ don’t use unionized labor at their wineries, but they are also involved in the hotel and restaurant business, so surely they use unionized labor THERE, right? After all, The AFL-CIO’s Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees (HERE) contribute more to Pelosi’s campaigns than any other congressional candidate. Auberge du Soliel, their hotel and resort in Napa, charges $450 to $3,500 a night. Despite only 50 rooms, the hotel employees over 250 employees, many of them Hispanic immigrants, and none of them are union.

Another exclusive hotel that until recently the Pelosis’ owned a share in, The San Yisdro Ranch in Santa Barbara, is naturally non-union.

The Pelosis’ also are partners in a restaurant chain called Piatti. The chain boasts sixteen restaurants in five states, with over 900 employees, ALL, non-union.

Is this illegal? Of course not. But it just doesn’t jive with the whole “I stand in solidarity with the Wisconsin workers fighting for their rights” persona, does it?

Even the Congresswomen’s website makes it clear that she is very upset at her political opponents who are always “rewarding wealth over work and putting profits before people

Look Nancy, if you REALLY want to show solidarity, how about allowing the businesses YOU run to unionize, and give them the exact same benefit package that the teachers in Wisconsin (Who, by the way currently average over $89,000 a year in wages and benefits) have. How about it Nancy.


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