What A Dumbass!!!!

You know, it’s really disappointing when a childhood hero falls from glory. When I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do was watch the “Chuck Acri Creature Feature” every Friday night at 10:30. Chuck owned a home siding company, and would sponsor the Creature Feature every friday night, showing old movies, telling bad jokes, and selling siding between commercials.

A staple of that show was the old horror films from Hammer Studios, most of which starred the great Christopher Lee, who, along with Vincent Price WAS the face of horror in the fifties and sixties. And now we learn that this brilliant actor is caught up in a sex scandal. And while that is on some level impressive, given his age, it’s still very disappointing to hear that…….. wait, what’s that? It’s a different Christopher Lee?

Never Mind.

But lets talk about THIS brilliant mind for a moment, shall we? Look, the fact that a politician is screwing around on his wife is not exactly news, nor is it uncommon, but how freaking stupid do you have to be to cruise the personals on Craigslist, send someone a picture of yourself without a shirt on AND showing your face. On top of that, Einstein uses his own e-mail address.

But I’m going to give Lee credit for one thing: resigning. I’d say that it shows character, but I think that ship has already sailed.

Like I said, politicians and sex scandals have been common ever since their have been politicians. And while Lee is a Republican, sex scandals have ruined men (and women) of both parties. The one thing that has usually separated the Republicans and Democrats when it came to sex scandals can be summed up in one word: Shame. Republicans apparently were capable of feeling it, while Democrats have never been able to grasp what that word should mean.

But that hasn’t been the case in the last few years. Republicans like Mark Sanford, John Ensign, David Vitters and Larry Craig have done something that previous Republicans swept up in these types of scandals didn’t do: They refused to resign. Now refusing to resign is nothing new, Democrats have been doing it for years. Hell, Ted Kennedy KILLED his mistress and refused to step down. And he was re-elected time after time.

I was reminded of the differences today between the two parties by listening to talk radio. Fortunately I have satellite radio, so I’m able to switch back and forth between left-wing and right-wing, although my preferred channel is called “POTUS” (Politics Of The United States for the People Of The United States), probably the closest thing there is to truly bipartisan radio. But today wasn’t a day for bipartisanship.

While the left would like you to believe the right are dodging this issue, that just isn’t the case. While I listened to about twice as much left-wing radio today, I’d say I heard pretty much equal coverage on both sides of the aisle, which means the right WAS discussing this issue. The general consent on the right: This guy is a sleaze, and we’re glad he’s gone. Disappointment? Sure, there’s disappointment this pinhead pulled a dumbass move like this, but we’d be more disappointed if he tried to fight for his job.

The comment I heard the most was that this guy is a true hypocrite because of his “Family Values” stands. Okay, I get that, and sure, I think that anyone that takes a strong family values stand and pulls a stunt like this IS a hypocrite, but does that mean that if he wasn’t a family values guy he is less of a hypocrite? I mean, didn’t this guy make a pledge to his wife? And didn’t he go against that pledge? Doesn’t that make him a hypocrite?

The funny thing is, I heard so many on the left stations – hosts and callers – bringing up this family values issue, and with such glee, that I don’t really think they realized what they were saying: It’s worse when a Republican does it because they always preach family values, it doesn’t matter when a Democrat does it, because no one expects them to have values in the first place. Yeah, that’s a “moral stand” that I’d really be proud of.

Look, there’s also the “Hey, it’s his personal life” argument. I mean hey, how many times did we have to hear that during the Lewinsky affair? Although I doubt that very few of those who asked us to leave Clinton alone are standing up for Lee today. And hey, to be fair, I doubt that very few on the right who say that Lee (or Craig, or Vitter, or….) should be left alone were among those standing up for Clinton (or Spitzer, or Edwards, or….).

But the truth is, we need to have a standard, and stick to it, regardless of the party, although I doubt we’ll ever come to a consensus. Personally, I know damn well that any man or women CAN be a scumbag, and still be a decent politician. I think Bill Clinton was a low life, not because he had an affair, but because he had an affair as the President of the United States.

What difference does that make? A huge one. Look, I understand that folks have affairs, and that’s wrong, but don’t you think that once you gain a position of prominence you need to keep it in your pants? I mean hell, you know that the press, and especially the right, are watching every damn move you make, and you still go ahead and take your cigar and…. well, we don’t need to rehash that whole mess, but you get the point.

So Representative Lee, while I don’t know a damn thing about you – whether you were a great legislator or a sucky one – I want to thank you for what was probably the only class act in your life – resigning. And if you’ve got any class at all left – something I highly doubt – do one more good thing: Give your wife everything she asks for in the divorce. She’s already suffered having to be married to a pig like you, let her put that behind herself as fast as possible


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