2010 Census Numbers updated – Actual population of America: 13.5 Million People

Now that might sound a little confusing, but these numbers are coming from the White House, so they have to be right, right?

Now in all fairness the White House didn’t actually come out and say “America’s population is 13.5%”, but here is what they did say: First, according to the Obama Administration, the economy gained 36,ooo jobs last month. Some of you may have heard the number 50,000, and the actual explanation is that the private sector gained 50,000 jobs, while the public sector (government) lost 14,000 jobs, hence the net gain of 36,000.

The second thing my government told me was that the unemployment percentage fell from 9.4% to 9%. Put those two bits of information together, and you get the fact that 36,000 jobs equals .4% of the working sector. Do the math, and you get that 100% full employment is 9 million people. Now I don’t know what percentage of American’s are of working age, but lets assume we take everyone under 20 out of the mix, and everyone over 65 out of the mix, even though some folks under 20 and over 65 work, we’re going basic here. So what percentage of Americans are over 20 but under 65? Again, I don’t have a clue, but lets say 2/3rds. So that means if 9 million people equals 2/3rds of America, we have 13.5 million Americans. Right?

Now some of you are saying “yeah, but that doesn’t count people who are no longer on unemployment”, BUT didn’t they just extend unemployment benefits? So doesn’t that mean the folks that were going to lose their benefits in January had them extended? So how the hell did unemployment drop from 9.4% to 9.0%?

Now folks, I know there aren’t 13.5 million folks in America, and obviously any numbers that the government gives us are merely an estimate, but how the hell can they be off THIS MUCH? In reality, with 309 million Americans (according to the 2010 Census), if we use my “2/3rds of Americans in the job pool” estimate – and yes, it is an estimate – that gives us 206 million working men and women out there. That means that 9.4% of working Americans is 19,364,000 folks, and 9% is 18,540,000. That means to drop the unemployment rate by .4% – which is what it dropped in January (supposedly) – you need to gain 824,000 jobs. Now I know that we are not talking about a precise science here, but there is a hell of a huge difference between 36,000 and 824,000. A HUGE difference.

Lets add a third factor into the mix. With the exception of FDR (twice), no incumbant president has ever been re-elected with an unemployment rate on election day of 8% or higher. Hmmm…..

So be of good cheer fellow Americans – all 13.5 million of you – because by November of 2012 we will once again have an unemployment rate below 8%. Hell, it will probably be below 7%. Oh sure, there may not be any more folks actually back to work, but the RATE will be below 7%, and really, isn’t that all that matters? Hope and change people, hope and change.

P.S. – I wanted to embed a video clip that I think helps to explain this, had trouble, but please check out this site for that video:  http://www.ritholtz.com/blog/2009/06/the-truth-about-jobs/


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